Gents Ladies
Par 5 5
Yards 520 415
Metres 475 379
Stroke index 7 6

DEPARTURES is a testing par 5 to start the round. Long hitters can take on the green in 2 shots but shorter hitters need to lay-up before crossing the runway which is out of bounds. Be careful of the out of bounds 10 yards right of the green.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 427 320
Metres 390 293
Stroke index 5 10

ACE’S HIGH is a long par 4 with out of bounds down the whole length of the hole to the right hand side of the fairway. A good drive will put you in great shape for the approach to the green but be careful not to hit over the green as trouble lies ahead 10 yards after the green.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 323 292
Metres 295 267
Stroke index 9 12

ROUND THE BEND is a par 4 that is exactly what the name means. For the average hitter ensure you play to the end of the dog leg with a long iron or recovery club. Long hitters have the option of going directly at the hole but beware the 2 bunkers situated 20 yards from the green.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 234 234
Metres 214 214
Stroke index 15 14

PERSEVERANCE is a short par 4 offering the longer hitter the option of going for the green. For the average player it is best to use a medium iron for placement followed by a short wedge to the green. Out of bounds lurks 10 yards behind the hole and you also have to take into consideration the hazard that is to the left of the green.




Gents Ladies
Par 3 3
Yards 141 141
Metres 129 129
Stroke index 17 4

GAN CANNY is the first par 3 on the course and is an opportunity to get a stroke back from par. Beware of the bunker situated 10 yards before the green but a solid tee shot should take this hazard out of consideration. The get out shot is to the left of the bunker when the ball will move to the left and onto the green if fortune comes your way.




Gents Ladies
Par 3 3
Yards 155 155
Metres 142 142
Stroke index 3 16

HANGOVER is a very difficult par 3 requiring a draw shot to have any hope of remaining on the green. Beware the trees to the left of the hole with the smart shot being slightly right of the green for an easy up and down for par.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 403 288
Metres 369 263
Stroke index 1 8

THE LAIR is a long par 4 when it will be difficult to get up to the green in 2 if the wind is against. Out of bounds hovers all the up the right and left of the hole, therefore accuracy is paramount especially with the tee shot. Trouble exists 10 yards behind the green therefore care is required for the longish second shot which will be required. A par is a great score on this hole.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 347 251
Metres 317 230
Stroke index 11 18

TROODOS WAY is a relatively easy par 4 provided the fairway is hit from the tee. Trouble exists on both sides of the fairway to collect any mis-hit drives. No real problems exist one the green is in range.




Gents Ladies
Par 5 5
Yards 478 430
Metres 437 393
Stroke index 13 2

ARRIVALS is a par 5 that brings us back to the clubhouse. A slight dog-leg exists and there is danger to the right of the fairway. Out of bounds lurks all the way down the right but should be far enough away from your targeted line. The out of bounds line follows round to the back of the green and care must be taken not to over hit the approach shot to the green as the out of bounds lies 10 yards only behind the green. Great opportunity for the longer hitters to birdie the hole.