Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 415 295
Metres 379 270
Stroke index 2 3

WATCH YOUR STEP is a very difficult par 4 again with out of bounds running the length of the fairway to the right. An accurate drive is required to get the ball into a good position for a precise shot on to the green. Again out of bounds lurks 10 yards through the green so case is required with the approach to the green. Take the par and be happy.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 330 256
Metres 302 234
Stroke index 16 15

MAYDAY is an easy par 4 provided the tee shot is positioned correctly. A simple second shot is the order of the day once the fairway has been hit. Beware the bunker to the right of the fairway when driving as hitting it is likely to cost you a shot. Watch for the out of bounds left of the dog-leg fairway.




Gents Ladies
Par 5 5
Yards 528 396
Metres 483 362
Stroke index 8 7

DUBYA is a long par 5 and a birdie opportunity for the longer hitter who can take on the dog-leg hole. Danger lurks to the left of the tee when driving with a bunker placed to the right to catch the errant drive to the left. Out of bounds comes into play on the right of the hole once the dog-leg has been reached but it takes a wayward shot to bring this into play. No merits in going past the green as trouble lies ahead 10 yards over the green.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 294 243
Metres 269 222
Stroke index 4 11

PLATEAU is a par4 and an opportunity for a birdie for the longer hitters if they take on the 2 bunkers lying in wait 20 yards from the green. For the normal hitters placement of the drive prior to the bunkers will offer the opportunity for an easy par if played correctly. Beware of over hitting the second shot as trouble lies through the green.




Gents Ladies
Par 3 3
Yards 141 141
Metres 129 129
Stroke index 14 9

TENDER TRAP is a short par 3 that lives up to its name. This easy looking hole is fraught with danger to both left and right of the hole. Be careful not to over hit the drive as out of bounds lurks 10 yards past the green. Good opportunity to birdie for both low and high handicappers.




Gents Ladies
Par 3 3
Yards 164 164
Metres 150 150
Stroke index 12 1

DROP SHOT is a very difficult par 3 that is perfectly described in its name. A well hit tee shot is a must to get over the bunker that protects the green which is 10 yards over the hazard. For the shorter hitter the line is left of the bunker where a well struck shot could turn right and catch the left side of the green.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 253 253
Metres 231 231
Stroke index 18 13

COPSE is the easiest par 4 on the course and is an excellent birdie opportunity for all players. A straight drive is a must to this slight dog-leg hole. The target should be left of the large tree that dominates the fairway. This will give an easy pitch to the slightly raised green. Beware not to over hit the green on the second shot as trouble lies waiting.




Gents Ladies
Par 4 4
Yards 320 230
Metres 293 210
Stroke index 10 17

LAY UP is a tricky par 4 with a 90 degree dog-leg. The blind tee shot demands accuracy to ensure the fairway is hit. The dog-leg comes in at 150 yards from the tee. Once the fairway is hit the green offers little resistance except for a tree located at the back of the green. Beware not to over hit the approach or this tree will come into play.




Gents Ladies
Par 5 5
Yards 518 455
Metres 474 416
Stroke index 6 5

SUNSET is a demanding par 5 that requires exceptional care off the tee. The runway straight ahead is out of bounds and is a magnet for all players whether high or low handicap coming at the end of the round. It is a score breaker if care is not paramount in the player’s mind. The target area off the tee is wide at around 90 yards but the runway to the right which is out of bounds and out of bounds to the left compresses this wide target. Once the ball is safely in play from the tee the risk of out of bounds on both sides of the hole is there but manageable. A good drive will set up a relatively easy par; a poor drive and you run the risk of a big score.