The IGCN is situated on the United Nations Protected Area (UNPA) and members of the IGCN should be aware it is a designated security area. Members are required to follow security procedures as may be laid down from time to time by the United Nations authority. UNPA access passes are issued to bona fide playing golf club members for a period of one year. These may be renewed each year subject to UN authority and ongoing payment of golf club subscriptions. Accordingly members are to please note the following.

Process for obtaining a UNPA pass

  1. Members are to pay their subscriptions by the start of the season or in the case of new members on approval of membership to the club Treasurer or designate.
  2. On receipt of the subscription a member shall be given an official numbered receipt and a copy of this notice, which must be signed for by the member acknowledging receipt thereof.
  3. The member should then arrange to visit the pass office on the UNPA to obtain a new security pass, which will be issued on production of the numbered receipt. New members who are not in possession of a current UNPA pass should ask the Treasurer or designate who to phone to obtain permission to enter the UNPA and should be prepared to produce acceptable identification at the gate control.
  4. On receipt of a UNPA pass the member is now entitled to use the golf clubhouse facilities and the golf course for the duration of the validity period of the pass.
  5. Should a member resign his/her membership or not renew membership then it is that member’s responsibility to return the UNPA pass either to a golf club committee member or directly to the UN pass office and immediately depart from the UNPA.
  6. Only playing and paid up members of the IGCN are entitled to a UNPA pass.

Special Security Information and Rules

  1. A member’s UNPA pass entitles them to enter the UNPA for the purposes of playing golf or attending golf club related matters ONLY. On entry to the UNPA all members are required to proceed straight to the clubhouse. After playing a round of golf and/or after using the clubhouse facilities members are to depart the UNPA directly. Golf club members entering the UNPA are not permitted to be in other areas of the UNPA or utilise other amenities or facilities that may be situated on the UNPA without the express written permission of the UN or British authorities (where applicable). Such written permission should also be conveyed to the Governing Body which is required to monitor such activities.
  2. Members are not permitted to walk dogs on the UNPA without obtaining permission from the UN authority. If such permission is granted then this must be advised to the Governing Body of the club.
  3. No parking is permitted on runways at any time. When driving on taxiways or runways to tees for shotgun starts emergency indicators must be used. Runways are those that run between the 2nd and 18th fairways and alongside the 9th fairway.

Breach of the above-mentioned procedures and rules may result in a member’s UNPA pass being withdrawn and no refund of subscriptions will be entertained. Your co-operation is appreciated.


All members

Notice Board

Chief of Mission

Chief of Staff

Issued by the Governing Body of IGCN

PROM                                                                                                                                                        1 July 2011