Golf shirts must have collars, with either long or short sleeves. Rugby/football shirts are prohibited, as are any shirts carrying slogans, numbers or illustrations on apparel that are not golf-related. Collarless shirts, such as t-shirts of any variety, are not allowed.
Long Trousers
Must be tailored and appropriate for golf. All types or colour of denim, military-style or camouflage-style trousers, combat trousers (multiple pockets), cut-offs or tracksuits are strictly prohibited.
Tailored Bermuda shorts are permitted and can be worn with knee-length or short socks. Training shorts and athletic shorts are not permitted.
Shoes are required to be flat soles without pattern on the sole of the shoe.
Collarless shirts/tops must have sleeves and sleeveless shirts/tops must have collars and must have a modest neckline. Trousers, tailored Bermuda shorts, golf skirts/culottes are permitted.
Headware is not permitted to be worn in the Clubhouse by either ladies or gentlemen.