C L U B   R U L E S

Updated 12 September 2015


  1. Footwear must have a smooth, non-patterned sole. Trainers and patterned-sole shoes and boots are not acceptable, nor are golf shoes with spiked soles.  Persistent offenders will be asked to leave the course.
  2. Unacceptable dress: T-shirts, vests, jeans, beachwear, swimwear, boxer/running shorts. Shorts/trousers must be of the tailored type with pockets and waistband.


  1. Players must play without delay.
  2. No player should play until all players in front are out of range.
  3. Players searching for a ball must be aware of those behind. Once it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found, they should immediately signal for the players behind to play through – not search for 5 minutes before doing so. Once you have allowed players to play through, you must not play until they are out of range.
  4. When play of a hole is completed, players should leave the brown immediately. Scores should be entered on cards only after moving away from the brown.


  1. No one should move, talk, stand close to or directly behind the ball when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  2. The player with the honour should tee off before his opponent or his fellow competitors.
  3. All players must be aware of others on the course, especially when moving along paths between a brown and the next tee. Do not talk when players are addressing their ball or making a stroke, whether on your fairway/brown or a neighbouring one.


  1. All competitions have priority on the course. Otherwise, priority on the course is determined by a group’s pace of play.  Any group playing a whole round is entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round.  The term “group” includes a single player.  (Rules of Golf 2008-2022, page 28 – Etiquette.)  Players should be aware of others behind them who may need to play through.
  2. If a match fails to keep pace on the course and loses more than one hole on the match in front, it should allow the match following to pass if they are within range.


  1. Players should rake a bunker to remove marks before moving on.
  2. Players should repair any divots or marks they have made, especially on the browns.
  3. Flagsticks should be placed off the browns while players are putting, and replaced securely in the hole before players leave the putting surface.
  4. Bags or trolleys may not be placed on the browns.


  1. All visitors to the Club are required to sign in the Visitors’ Book and pay the appropriate green fee.


  1. Be on the first tee, warmed up and ready to play, at least 5 minutes before your tee time. At the tee box, have your club, ball and tees ready when it is your turn to play.
  2. Watch your partner’s shot. Make a mental note of where it lands or the nearest mark.  Encourage playing a provisional ball in cases of doubt.  Call through the group behind immediately, if it may be hard to find a ball.
  3. Be prepared for your next shot. While walking up the fairway, work out which club you may need.    When you have to leave your bag or trolley some distance from where you will make your next shot, take two or three possible clubs with you.
  4. Get as close to your next shot as reasonably possible, whilst ensuring that you are not in another player’s line of sight or likely to be hit by a shot.
  5. Line up your putt and scuff over any surface irregularities at the same time that others are doing the same. Have your ball cleaned and ready to set down as soon as it is your turn.
  6. Beside the green/brown, park your bag/trolley on the side nearest the exit to the next tee.
  7. In Stableford, pick up your ball as soon as you know you cannot score points. First player to hole out should go and get the pin, ready to replace it.
  8. Move away from the brown before you mark your card. Better still, mark it at the next tee after you have driven off (if you have the honour) or while your partner is driving off.   Talk while you walk.  Don’t stop moving to have a conversation.
  9. If the players in front are playing slowly, encourage them to speed up. Do not get involved in a debate or heated exchange.  If the problem continues, report it to the Competition Committee as soon as possible;  they will then deal with the matter.
  10. If you have lost one clear hole on the group in front, you must call through the group behind you if they are within range.